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Your donation goes a long way in helping us bring necessary food and medical packets to the leprosy colonies. Thank you for joining us in our effort to bring these essential provisions to the villagers.

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Specialty Shoes

Specially crafted shoes are critical for ulcer prevention and wound care. Each shoe is made by our own shoe makers and fitted for each patient’s foot size and type of wound. Shoes are provided at no cost to the patient.



A Bible in the Tamil language is treasured by leprosy patients who are able to read and critical to a daily walk with God. For children and teens receiving their Bible gift is always a celebration.


10lb Bag of Rice

Embrace A Village strives to eliminate begging and in the process give aid to families who are directly and physically impacted by the presence of leprosy. We provide up to two weeks of support per month per family via our food pantry as well as encourage gardening and nutrition education.


Bandages/Medical Kit

Bandages are essential for wound cleaning and protection. Embrace Village provides a clean bandage as part of wound care plus gives patients bandages to care for their wounds between weekly clinics. Ointments, antibiotics, and other medicines for wound care and nursing tools are also essential to conduct weekly medical clinics.


Aids and Equipment

Mobility aids and hospice equipment includes crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs. Mobility aids give the gift of getting about which we often take for granted. Hospital beds, especially in our hospice center, are needed to replace sleeping mats on a concrete floor.


Support A Team Member

We have many young adults volunteering to spend a significant amount of their lives in service caring and ministering to leprosy patients and their families. About a dozen have now been spending 8-10 hours most days working with patients and their children for over 5 years. Support is minimum wage even for India.


Support A Leprosy Victim

Many people like to direct their giving to a specific area. Each leprosy patient and their family have special needs for on-going care. Support can be for weekly clinical care overall or for specific needs like surgeries, their children’s school tuition or other mobility aids. Our services have helped greatly reduced the need for begging as well as restored hope to these individuals and their families.


Support A Village

Can you imagine being able to support an entire village of leprosy patients in India? You or a group of friends can provide the whole range of mercy services and ministries Embrace A Villages provides to a village. This includes the rice pantry, weekly medical services, after school children’s tutoring program, social services, weekly church services and additional Bible study groups.

Or, mail donations to:

Embrace a Village
P.O. Box 1755
Fenton, MO 63026


100% of funds serve those affected by leprosy in India

EAV is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible. 100% of your donation serves those affected by leprosy in India, thanks to specific donors committed to pay for all EAV administrative costs. Your gifts of prayer and financial support make a huge and positive difference in the life of a person or family that has been affected by this disease.

Since our start in 2003 through 2015, the Embrace a Village team has evolved to more than 50 caregivers who have earned the trust and acceptance of the community of individuals with leprosy throughout Tamil Nadu. $3.1 million in donations has been given to support these people through our spiritual, medical, nutritional, and educational programs and has enabled Embrace a Village to become the most effective, consistent, and comprehensive care program for those with leprosy.

With the generous giving of donors whose hearts have been touched by our ministry and by God, our next step will be to enhance some of our current programs, as outlined in our goals section, and to prepare for future growth. Our work in implementing these projects for results will be driven forward by the generous giving of people who share our vision and passion for helping this forgotten group of people.