How We Serve

We provide holistic care through spiritual, medical, nutritional, and educational programs





Every Week

Every week, care is provided in four crucial ways.

Good News

Every Week, the Good News of God’s great love is brought to numerous leprosy colonies in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Bible Study

Every Week, via small group ministry, our Church Planters encourage colony residents to experience the personal touch of Jesus Christ’s unfailing love for them through Bible studies and Praise & Worship services.

Medical Care

Every week,our team in India provides medical care for all leprosy patients. They treat wounds & infections. They make arrangements & financial provision for surgeries.They provide 24/7 hospice care for leprosy patients who are no longer able to care for themselves.

Little Lights Program

Every week, Monday through Friday, the children of those with leprosy are provided after school tutoring & bible study training through ‘The Little Lights Program’. These children, kindergarten thru high school, are given nutritious dinners & the opportunity to be the hope & future of India.

Every Month

Every month, rice is distributed to various colonies EAV serves. Custom footwear is also provided for leprosy patients to prevent further infection and trauma.


In addition to all of this, Team EAV – USA provides prayer, encouragement, administrative & financial support for the accomplishment of this great mission.


embrace a village helps with spiritual growth

P eople with leprosy miss out on Biblical teachings and community because of the stigma. That’s why we offer a weekly opportunity for them to experience Christ’s love through Bible study and worship services.

Miracles Are A Way Of Life.

Jay was on death’s door when he arrived at our hospice, but he miraculously recovered and now serves as our worship leader! These services are so beautiful, and many people have told us they are thankful for their leprosy because it led them to Jesus!

One of our members is now our worship pastor



Our teams administer weekly medical care to residents in the colonies and make financial provisions for surgeries. Residents eagerly anticipate the arrival of our teams, particularly during the rainy season when muddy conditions can irritate their wounds and ulcers and lead to infections. We also supply patients with bandages and educate them on how they can keep their wounds clean at home in between visits from our teams.

Embrace A Village help with wound and ulcer care


Leprosy is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae that leads to nerve damage and loss of sensation. A person who has contracted the disease becomes unable to feel pain and is at risk of injury and infection, particularly in the extremities. It is quite common for those with leprosy to have wounded and disfigured feet, and if left untreated, amputation may become necessary.

Our on-staff shoemaker provides our patients with special shoes to prevent further trauma and infection to their feet. Shoes are handmade and customized to meet the specific needs of the individual patient.

Embrace A Village assists with shoes for the needy.


When older people contract leprosy, it can be particularly heartbreaking. Many do not have family or have been shunned by their relatives. They are left helpless and unable to care for themselves. Our hospice center in Coimbatore provides care to these individuals. Once left to feel hopeless and completely worthless, those at our hospice center begin to thrive. It is here that many enter a personal relationship with Christ, allowing them to live their final years with peace and fulfillment.

Embrace A Village providing hospice care

As their spirits are healed, so are their bodies. Whether receiving treatment within the colonies or at our hospice center, their faith and alleviated physical symptoms allow the people we serve to enjoy a higher standard of living.


Nutritional Programs

Food and nutritional education programs play a critical role. Children who are part of our after-school tutoring program receive the best, and possibly only, meal of their day at our facility. We also offer a two-week supply of rice to families we serve to help supplement their monthly groceries.

Go Power®

Jack and Sandy Kennedy at Go Power® have worked to create a “Happy Bar” high-protein nutrition snack. Go Power® provides 900 Happy Bars to Embrace A Village every week. Children receive this snack Monday through Friday during our after-school program, and it’s also available to those in hospice care.


Every tutoring session is one step closer to a brighter future.

Education offers a pathway out of poverty.

When families are ostracized from society, it’s no surprise that a child’s education and their prospects for the future suffer. Without a good education, they often continue living in the colonies and wind up raising families of their own there. Our hope is that more success in school will lead to better opportunities to integrate into mainstream society and break the cycle of poverty that can span generations.

After-school tutoring plays a key role.

Embrace a Village provides after-school tutoring for two hours a day, five days a week that’s available to all children throughout the colonies we serve. More than 120 students take advantage of our tutoring programs, where we work to help them improve their grades, their academic outlook, and their sense of self-worth. After all, God loves all his children equally – a powerful message for these particular children. We also provide daily nourishment in the form of a bible lesson and what is typically their best meal of the day.