Newsletter from EAV – June 2024

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Finding Hope in the Heart of Affliction: Lukas’s Journey of Faith and Redemption

In 2004, Embrace a Village began its work in Deviyakurichi, a leprosy colony nestled in the rolling hills of Salem district in Tamil Nadu. This colony became a refuge for those afflicted by leprosy, who had been cast out from their villages and shunned by society. Among its residents were Lukas and his wife, seeking shelter and solace from the scornful eyes of the outside world.

Embrace a Village provides more than just physical support; we care deeply for the souls of each person we serve. Through continuous prayer and regular Bible study, Lukas discovered a love that transcended his suffering – a love that flowed from the pages of the Bible he treasured dearly. In quiet moments of solitude, he immersed himself in its teachings, finding comfort in the words of Jesus.

“I wouldn’t have known the love of Jesus if I was not a leprosy victim,” Lukas often said, his voice filled with quiet reverence. In the depths of his affliction, he found a companion unlike any other – a Savior who understood his pain and offered him hope amidst despair.

Through the eyes of faith, Lukas began to see his leprosy not as a curse but as a blessing in disguise – a divine opportunity to experience the boundless love of God in a way he never thought possible. As he shared his testimony with fellow residents, his words carried a powerful message of hope and redemption, resonating deeply within their wounded hearts.

Lukas and his wife remain ever thankful to Embrace a Village for the work we continue to do for leprosy victims in Tamil Nadu, providing both physical and spiritual nourishment.


We are thrilled to share a glimpse into the heartwarming impact of our friend and supporter Gradys’ generous donation at the Embrace a Village hospice center. In this video, you’ll see firsthand how your support can provide essential items and care for our residents. Witness the smiles, the gratitude, and the renewed hope as we continue to bring comfort, dignity, and love to those who need it most. Thank you for being a vital part of this compassionate mission.


Step into Hope: Transforming Lives One Pair at a Time

Periyanayagi, a 70-year-old resident of a leprosy colony, has lived a life marked by solitude and a relentless battle against leprosy. Her hands and feet bore the brunt of her illness, with ulcers that had only recently healed thanks to the care provided by Embrace a Village. Despite the constant pain, she endured each day without complaint. Her only companions were the other residents, who had their own burdens to bear.

Earlier this month, the Embrace a Village team noticed her old, worn shoes and promised her something special. Reuben, a young man from the team, carefully opened a box to reveal brand-new shoes, specially designed to accommodate her ulcer-affected foot. Sturdy yet soft, with extra padding, the shoes were a tangible sign that someone cared.

“For me?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper. “Yes,” Reuben replied, eyes glistening. “This shoe will help protect your foot and prevent the ulcer from getting worse. 

We want you to walk without pain, Periyanayagi.”

Tears filled her eyes as she reached out to touch the shoe. For days, she had suffered in silence, her condition often ignored by the outside world. Now, she felt a surge of hope and joy she hadn’t experienced in years. “Thank you,” she said, her voice breaking. “Thank you for this gift. It means more than you can imagine.”

Reuben embraced her tightly. “You are not alone,” he whispered. “We are here for you.” 

In the days that followed, the new shoes not only protected her foot but also lifted her spirit. It was more than just footwear; it was a symbol of compassion and a reminder that even in her old age and illness – she mattered. Her story spread throughout the colony, inspiring others to support each other. The simple act of receiving a shoe from Embrace a Village became a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a brighter, more connected future for everyone in the colony.

As we wrap up this newsletter, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication, prayers, and support. Your contributions have the power to reach the farthest corners of India, touching lives and sparking transformation in some of the most remote villages. It’s truly remarkable to see the direct impact of your generosity on these communities.

Together, we are creating stories of resilience, empowerment, and lasting change. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey with us.