Our Vision

To see spiritual, physical, and social transformations in the lives of people with leprosy and their families

Our Mission

To serve people affected by leprosy holistically through spiritual, medical, nutritional, and educational programs.

Our Core Values

Our five core values, FACES, reflect the people-orientation of our ministry and our desire to help transform the lives of individuals who have been affected by leprosy.



Faithfulness refers not only to our spirituality and faith in God but also to our commitment to the people we serve. We have been consistently present in their lives since our inception in 2003, and we have followed through with the promises we have made to them. This has allowed us to establish rapport with them and has, in turn, helped them to have a mutual faith in us.



Accountability builds upon faithfulness. Our team members do not consider themselves to be simply “at work.” Instead, we immerse ourselves in our service and are passionate about what we do. We develop lasting partnerships with those we serve as we help them create better lives for themselves.” This is a calling to transform and serve the lives affected by leprosy.



Because they have been ostracized, those affected by leprosy likely have encountered a number of hardships in their lives. This is particularly true for those in hospice care, who often are left to end their lives without support of any kind. Our staff members are a reflection of Christ as they serve Him by serving His people. As we treat each human being with the care and consideration he or she deserves, each experiences the true love of Jesus Christ



Embrace a Village is driven by the needs of the people we serve, and we treat everyone with respect. As we inform others around the world about this group in need, we do so in a way that maintains the dignity of the individuals in our care. Our ministry shares Jesus’ message of hope and healing, but it is important to note we treat anyone affected by leprosy regardless of their faith or beliefs. Also, because of committed donors who cover administrative costs, we are able to use 100% of financial gifts toward programs for those in India.



We seek to honor God in all that we do. We have been called to a life of service as advocates for a group of people society has shunned and ignored. We act as the voices of these individuals, ensuring they are heard and that their needs are being met. Being entrusted with God’s abundant provision is an honor and has allowed us to serve “the least of these” in His kingdom.