He left his village 45 years ago…Here’s what he’s doing now!


God is using Prakasam in mighty ways to minster to villages all over Tamilnadu.

Pillars in the Leprosy Community

Prakasam and Saroja are leaders of the Leprosy Association in Tamilnadu, and he is the key leader who has helped us carry out our work for many years throughout the state of Tamilnadu. Prakasam says many organizations stopped supporting leprosy patients when the pandemic hit, but we never stopped, and he’s grateful!

Over the years we’ve built a beautiful friendship with him and Saroja. We believe it’s the love of God showing through our lives that has drawn them to our ministry. Today, he calls us family!

But like most patients, his life hasn’t been easy. He left his village over 45 years ago when he got sick and never returned because of the stigma. He’s now 76 years old, and the ulcers hinder his mobility. He wants to spend the rest of his life at our hospice, and we gladly welcome him.

Through the years, his grandchildren have also received guidance and assistance through our “Little Lights afterschool program. Prakasam says he’s thankful for the support we’ve shown to thousands of people with leprosy by providing bandages, rice, shoes, and rehabilitation projects to help them thrive. We rejoice that Prakasam’s life is secure in the Lord’s hands.

Above is Joe and Prakasam enjoying some fellowship on one of Joe’s recent trips to India. 


NEW Retreat Outing 

It’s always fun to get out and explore, so we took our rehabilitation and hospice patients on a fun outing! We got to show them the city and visit a nearby park and get some fresh air. 

Here are some photos from a recent outing:

Even with their limited physical movement, they enjoyed time at the park. It was a thrilling experience to see the laughter and the joy of these lovely elderly people!

Since the lockdowns of 2020, most of the patients haven’t been able to go anywhere other than the hospice or rehabilitation center so this was a wonderful day!


We plan to add 250 leprosy patients to the list of those we serve throughout Tamil Nadu. We’ll do this by providing rice, shoes, and medical care and eventually start an evening school. Our teams will travel in our medical van to reach these remote different villages. 

But this growth isn’t possible without your help. Please consider giving to help fund this initiative. Your gift will help us reach people who desperately need medical care and food. 


We are so excited about all that is happening in our ministry! Thank you for being part of this journey.