We teamed up with the Ministry of Health, and here’s what happened


India Ministry of Health and Embrace A Village Unite

Last week, the Ministry of Health invited everyone suffering from leprosy to come to our hospice center to see if they were eligible for additional government supplementation. Patients were evaluated and anyone with a disability of 40% or more was allotted roughly 2000 rupees — about $30 USD. That may not sound like much, but it goes a very long way in India!

This generous act by the government will significantly help the villagers who live in constant poverty due to the severe stigma of leprosy. Our staff loved working with everyone, collecting information, and helping the process run smoothly. It was a great day!

Just about one hundred and ten people will benefit from this generous additional support from the government. Our hospice staff stepped up in a big way to make this event possible. We wish you guys could meet them because they truly are the world’s greatest! You can check out all the ways they serve our patients here


So much of what we do wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our community. It is not lost on us how invested you all are in the welfare of our patients. Leprosy patients are often a forgotten group in society, so thank you for seeing them, for loving them from afar, and for praying for them. One person whose life will never be the same is Krishnaveni. You can read her story here. 

These beautiful people have suffered so deeply, but through your prayers and support, you’ve made their life so much sweeter. If you’d like to peruse the Giving Catalog to see where gifts are making a huge impact, head to this link to discover more.