September Good News Update

EAV, Leprosy

Maybe you’ve read the story of Sasikumar serving patients as a leprosy patient himself, or Kalayarasan not allowing his polio and only having one leg keep him from taking food to the colonies during the lockdowns. And maybe those stories touched your heart like they touch ours. 

There are so many brave stories and so many more untold stories of heroism, redemptive love, and supernatural healing. Friends, there is a wave of revival igniting in the hearts of the Indian people, and we are so grateful to have a seat at the table to witness it unfold while we serve in the colonies.  

So today, we invite you to join us. Hearts are being saved, bodies are being healed, and lives are being changed forever with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And you can make a difference in the lives of people like Sasikumar through our new Embrace Hope monthly giving program. 

Our prayer is that our partners will be actively involved in what we are doing here at EAV. This Embrace Hope community is full of loving people just like you. They’re changing the world and we want you to be part of it. Discover more about Embrace Hope here. 

Hungry Bellies fed with food and Jesus

Nutritional programs play a vital role in our ministry. The programs not only provide additional physical care for the residents, but having a full stomach also boosts morale! We teach nutritional education and offer a two-week supply of rice to families to help supplement their supply. 

The programs are a great way for us to foster relationships in the community. It’s also a way for the team to pray over the villagers and follow the Lord’s leading. As you can see below, sometimes that means praying over each other during the rice exchange! 

Get a Free Copy of This Is Our Time

If you’ve been around a few days or a few years, you know leprosy tries to destroy lives. Yet God! With His faithful hand guiding us, we bring hope and healing to people suffering from this crippling disease. If you’d like to join us in making a difference, we encourage you to learn more about our monthly giving program called, Embrace Hope.

For a limited time, the cast is giving away a FREE copy of the film, This Is Our Time, for everyone who joins!