Why we teach our patients about self-care


Our team approaches self-care in a few different ways, namely through education and awareness. We teach people how to recognize early signs of leprosy so they can receive treatment quickly to fight the disease and slow the spread of infection. Early detection leads to early diagnosis and a more well-rounded treatment plan.

Education is Key

Giving patients information about leprosy empowers them and helps them heal faster. Proper hygiene and awareness of what is happening to the body are essential when dealing with this disease. And when adults know how to recognize the signs and symptoms, they can teach the younger generation to do the same.

Each time we visit a village, our team arrives with medical supplies, food, and Hope. But we also come prepared with the resources people need to be proactive with prevention and treatment. We teach them how to care for themselves, guide them through medical treatments, and how to care for their wounds in between medical visits. 

Our mission to encourage self-care helps restore dignity that leprosy often steals from individuals. As patients learn how to bandage their wounds, they can teach others to do the same, and this boosts their self-confidence. 

We take self-care seriously and have seen the dramatic changes it can bring to patients, their families, and the communities. 

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