Helping 20 children without access to education.

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The Embrace a Village team is ready to get to work to reach 200 families who are currently not receiving any help. From those we have been able to serve over the years, we know the urgency to reach those who do not know the message of hope nor have anyone caring for their needs.

Embrace a Family – for $70/month or one time gift of $804/annually – you could join a mission to reach more families with the care and support so desperately needed! All of your gifts are tax-deductible and 100% is directly serving the families. The funds are used to get our teams to the remote villages and cover the supplies to help the best we can!

Along with the urgency to provide basic support for these families, it is our goal to help at least 20 children who currently do not have access to higher education. The cost of higher education is simply out of reach for most families we serve – at about $1800 per child, we strive to help make up the difference! For many, this is the opportunity these children need to break the cycle of poverty in their families. Imagine the impact in 10 years – the donation of $1800 today could result in a family out of poverty, no longer needing our weekly support.

One story that has touched our hearts deeply about the impact of education is Hema’s testimony. 

She’s been processing the traumatic events of losing her family while living with staff here at Embrace a Village. We’re so happy to report that she’s in nursing school and doing really well! You can read Hema’s story here. 

Thank you for all the ways you support EAV – we exist thanks to your faithfulness and the grace of God!