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Through the Goat Project, families can support themselves financially and live to their full potential. 

Most people with leprosy resort to begging because no one will hire them. But what happens if begging doesn’t bring in the money needed to purchase necessary food and medical supplies?

It’s a reality that over 4 million beggars in India face daily — will there be enough food on the table today? 

Not everyone who begs in India has leprosy, but the ones who do are very limited in how they can interact with society. Sadly, their lives are dictated by the disease.

Make funding the Goat Project and empowering people part of your monthly routine as a member of Embrace Hope. Giving $25 a month will help a family get started with their goat enterprise.

This microenterprise was developed to help make an impact in leprosy patients’ lives beyond the hospital. To purchase a goat at the market would cost $150.  Through the Goat Project, families are given a male and female goat and economic support to feed and care for the goats. The animals not only provide income for the families but also nourishing milk and meat as well.  

After one year, the family sells one goat per month and gives back one newborn goat to Embrace a Village. The goats given back to the ministry are then given to new families to continue the sustainable cycle of breeding, raising, and selling goats for profit. 

We currently have six families raising goats and many more who are interested in this long-term income source. This has been especially helpful during the pandemic when people aren’t able to earn regular incomes. 

Our goal is to adopt this goat model in many of the leprosy villages we serve very soon. We hope to strengthen the economic condition of our patients’ financial situations and boost their social status so that they can live with dignity.

Having leprosy should never block someone from being able to live fully alive. As a member of Embrace Hope, you’ll fund resources that empower families to invest in themselves, their education, and any opportunity that comes their way.


Thank you for believing in a world where people with leprosy can be accepted and thrive. 

We are so grateful to do this work alongside supporters like you.

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