Praying through leprosy, one day at a time – Pushparani’s story


Abandoned at the hospital, this beautiful child grew up to be a prayer warrior who trusts God no matter what. This is her precious story.

Surviving childhood leprosy

Pushparani was diagnosed with leprosy as a child. She was abandoned by her family and left to grow up at the hospital ward. She cared for other patients and eventually got married and had a son. Her family struggled to get by, and sadly, one day, her husband died of a heart attack. All alone with her son, Pushparani tried to provide, but the ulcer on her foot worsened, and caring for the wound and providing food was a daily struggle. 

She started praying that God would send aid for her wound and provide food.

Believing God would send help

Years later, a friend shared about EAV and the work we do with leprosy patients. Pushparani was overjoyed because she had been praying and believing that God would send help. He had heard her cry! 

Same Day Miracle

Since we met her, we have cared for Pushparani medically and provided food for her family. Our team also gave her some shoes about six months ago to protect her wounded foot. Somehow the shoes got damaged, but she kept wearing them since she had no others. 

Last week, she prayed for a new pair of shoes.

Before coming to our ulcer care camp, she laid hands on her old shoe and prayed this simple prayer,

“This shoe is damaged, and God, I need a new pair of shoes. Your word says, ‘If you ask anything in my name, it shall be given to you.’”

The first thing she saw at the camp were new shoes!

She started praising God with all her heart because He answered her prayer that same day! God is in every detail, isn’t He? It was a joy to give her another pair of shoes!

Thank you for your interest in our ministry and for helping us spread awareness about leprosy and those who suffer from it. We are so grateful for your support. If you’re interested in reading more testimonies like Pushparani’s, head over to our Stories section on our website.