One Story of Hundreds Impacted by Leprosy

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Papathi was cared for by a friend in her colony who also suffered from leprosy. Together, they barely survived. When he passed away, Papathi was left all alone. The agony of dealing with leprosy and loneliness was all-encompassing for her. One day, when our team was doing our weekly medical rounds in her village, the colony leader asked us to take Papathi to our hospice center. We wholeheartedly agreed to this idea and brought her home with us.

Upon arrival, she was weak due to malnourishment and lack of proper medical attention. Within one week of being under our care, Papathi improved tremendously and can now move around without help.

Love, the right medical treatment, and food has transformed Papathi’s life from agony to joy. And while Papathi’s story is one of the successes we celebrate, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of people impacted with leprosy who desperately need our help. You can learn more about our strategic efforts to help here.