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Brought to us with days left to live

Ramaswami arrived from a government hospital with little hope of survival. With much care and prayer, we helped him recover. Ramaswami spent years living on the streets before he came to Embrace a Village, and sadly, once he was stronger, he asked to leave. He missed what was familiar and went back to begging. 

He soon realized he couldn’t move around like when he was younger, and the ulcers on his hands and feet got worse. The infections on his hands were so bad that he couldn’t use his hands to eat. He decided to come back to our hospice care, but the only problem was that he was 72 kilometers away!

Not to be deterred by the obstacles in front of him, Ramaswami rode a tricycle back to our center! We were shocked to see him but immediately welcomed him in!

Now Ramaswami says he wants to stay with us forever. We are so glad to have him here!

The patients always love time with Joe. Here is a picture of Ramaswami and Joe during one of his visits to India.

By God’s grace and through the generosity of people like you, we can help break the cycle of poverty and disease.

We invite you to bring hope and healing to people like Ramaswami through giving. When you join Embrace Hope, you directly impact lives impacted by leprosy.

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