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Nurturing Bright Minds: Anushka’s Journey with Embrace a Village

Your ongoing support of Embrace a Village has been instrumental in shaping the lives of children, allow me to share an example of how… 

Today we get to introduce you to Anushka, a vivacious 10-year-old with an unwavering spirit, residing with her parents in Thalaivasl leprosy colony. Anushka is an active participant in Embrace a Village’s after-school program – Little Lights. Despite the adversities life has thrown her way, she remains a bright and curious 4th grader, always eager to learn.

Anushka’s family has faced their share of challenges; her grandparents were victims of leprosy, and her parents, battling financial struggles, work tirelessly to make ends meet. The stigma attached to the disease casts a shadow over their family, exacerbating their difficulties amid the growing financial crisis and rising prices.

Amid these hardships, Embrace a Village’s after-school program emerges as a beacon of hope for Anushka and numerous children facing similar circumstances. Beyond providing crucial academic support, the program creates a safe, nurturing, and spiritual environment for these children. Anushka, a standout student, finds joy in exploring the stories within her books, particularly relishing the Bible stories shared by Embrace a Village’s dedicated teachers every week.

Anushka’s parents express genuine happiness at her academic progress and her evident passion for learning. Above all, they extend heartfelt gratitude to Embrace a Village for delivering quality education and nutritious meals to Anushka and countless other children in their village who are grappling with desperate needs. The program not only imparts knowledge but also instills a sense of hope and opportunity, uplifting the spirits of these young learners in the face of challenging circumstances.

As we reflect on the impact of your steadfast support, I invite you to consider making a one-time donation to further bolster our efforts in the Little Lights Program. Your contribution will directly contribute to the education, well-being, and hopeful future of children like Anushka.

Click here to donate, and together, let’s continue nurturing bright minds and fostering hope.

Thank you for being a vital part of our mission.

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