No one should be left alone in life’s greatest hardships.

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No one should be left alone in life’s greatest hardships.

Unfortunately, for too long, Subalakshmi was left to deal with her leprosy diagnosis completely on her own.

At the age of 25, when Subalakshmi’s life should have been taking off, she first discovered her leprosy, and everything changed. She grew up without a formal education, living simply in her village with her family. But the stigma that comes with the treatable disease led Subalakshmi’s family to kick her out of her home, forcing her to navigate life and illness alone. 

She was able to make her way to a leprosy hospital in Chengalpattu for treatment. Without a job nor a family to support her, Subalakshmi found herself begging for help on the streets. She had incredibly painful sores on her legs and feet, making walking even a short distance nearly impossible. It was only the hunger and thirst that motivated her to get up and beg every day.  

This was her life for nearly six years. Can you imagine? By the grace of God, our team found Subalakshmi in a small hut suffering from terrible ulcers on her hands and feet. We have been able to help treat her sores and hear the painful accounts of the last few years. She has seen the worst of the world, and the compassion she received from our team has been life-changing!

Today Subalakshmi is 42 years old and is finally able to know joy and peace in her life. We continue to care for and support her and pray for the day when she can fully know and rejoice in the Lord with all of her heart!

Thank you for putting your faith and support in God’s mission within Embrace a Village. The work we are able to do because of your generosity is changing lives throughout India, and Subalakshmi is likely alive today as a result.