March Good News Update


Hema loves college

Sasi Kumar and his wife, who live at our rehab center in Coimbatore, visited Hema. This day coincided when many parents visited the school, and Hema was feeling quite sad. Sasi says that Hema was overwhelmed with joy and started dancing when she saw them! 

We’re thrilled to report that Hema is thriving, excelling in her studies, deepening her relationship with the Lord, and is visiting remote villages near her college to further her education. 

12 Families are raising goats

We visited the eleven families who are part of our goat project. We were so excited to discover that two of the families already had baby goats, and another one had a goat on the way! We were able to give the baby goats to another family, so now twelve families are benefiting from the goat project! God is multiplying the goats and blessing families impacted by leprosy through this initiative. Read more about the Goat Project here.  

The youth event was a huge success!

One of our 2022 Little Lights goals is to reach the kids and grandkids of leprosy patients. We partnered with the Roman Catholic Church and organized a big volleyball tournament. Young boys and girls formed eleven teams from different leprosy colonies around the area. The Villivakkam team won! We reached so many kids, and it was an incredible event! 

A Note from Joe and Anil

Much of life has resumed back to normal in this post covid era. Our mobile medical van is on the move serving throughout Tamil Nadu, and our programs are in full swing. We are so grateful. If you’d like to find out more about how to partner with us, head here for more information. 

Thank you for praying for us and investing in this vision. We couldn’t do it without you.