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The joy of the Christmas season made its way to the children we serve, it was a day we will all remember and cherish! While this season is about celebrating the gift we were given in Jesus Christ, we strive to pass on that love and hope to those we serve – especially the children who might otherwise not get the opportunity to celebrate.

Embrace a Village organized a special Christmas event for our Little Lights students! Little Lights is our after-school tutoring program where we also get to share the gospel. Many of the children came to us afterward and said: “it was the best day that they ever had” – what a gift to us to see their joy!

The students prepared and performed a dance and we all enjoyed a meal together. The day itself was special, but we also got to pass along presents to each child! The parents were beyond thankful and touched by our love and care for the children. 

The day was so special for us that we wanted to pass along the invite to you to get involved! We purchased gifts for 170 children! The total cost was $2000, about $11.77 per gift, would you be interested in helping us cover the cost of one or multiple of these gifts? This was a special event outside of our normal operations – your generosity allows us to continue serving and caring for these vulnerable families. 

If you feel led to support the Little Lights Christmas Gifts, you can donate here! Thank you for being a part of this mission and supporting the next generation of Kingdom workers in India!

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