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The depths to which leprosy affects a person or family is varied but often tragic. It is common for leprosy patients to experience rejection from friends, family, and society. It becomes challenging to work, and a sense of hopelessness often sets in. It is our mission to help bring hope and care to those affected by leprosy, either directly or indirectly! 

Today, we are going to share the story of someone we have the honor to know and care for named Karuppan.

Karuppan lived a happy and fulfilled life as a woodcutter. He had a loving wife and children and found great joy in providing for them. However, at the age of 35, Karuppan contracted leprosy. As what often happens here in India, his wife and children started to reject him.

Karuppan eventually went to the hospital for treatment, and he tried to continue to provide for his family. He loved them very much and became fearful of losing them.  

After a few years, he was bedridden and unable to work. His family moved him into a hut by himself because they feared they might get leprosy too. Karuppan was completely bedridden and unable to do anything for himself and felt discouraged, unwanted, and rejected. 

Finally, Karuppan met one of our teams who was visiting his village. When our teams travel into a colony, they provide medical care – often cleaning wounds, giving medication, and accessing the medical needs of people. 

They also spend much of their time praying with people and leading Bible studies for those who wish to learn more. The mission is to share the all-encompassing hope found in a relationship with Jesus. Karuppan discovered hope in Jesus and now walks in a relationship with him! 

It is a gift to share with people who have experienced such rejection and help them see that they are loved and welcomed by our Heavenly Father! 

If you would like to partner with us as we continue spreading God’s love, please visit here. Thank you for your continued support of this mission!


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