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As you know, life as we know it changed drastically all around the world over the last twelve months.

Yet, we love a God who created the entire universe in just seven days, so imagine what He can do in your life in the same amount of time! 

We invite you to spend time in intentional prayer with the One who has the power to transform every minute, hour, day, and week of your life. You can join our 7-Day Prayer Guide here. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Daily encouragement and scripture to ponder
  • Practical application for igniting your prayer life
  • Testimonies of how prayer has impacted our own lives
  • A sermon clip + favorite song we’re listening to

We hope that you discover a new appreciation for the power of prayer, and find new ways to seek the Father’s heart with all of yours.

You may remember our friend, Pushparani, and her beautiful prayer journey. She was diagnosed with leprosy as a child, and abandoned by her family, and left to grow up at the hospital ward. She cared for other patients and eventually got married and had a son. Her family struggled to get by, and sadly, one day, her husband died of a heart attack.

All alone with her son, Pushparani tried to provide, but the ulcer on her foot worsened, and caring for the wound and providing food was a daily struggle.

She started praying that God would send aid for her wound and provide food. Years later, a friend shared about EAV and the work we do with leprosy patients. Pushparani was overjoyed because she had been praying and believing that God would send help. He had heard her cry! Then more recently, she prayed and believed God would provide her with new shoes to protect the wounds on her, and He did – the SAME day!

Or maybe you remember Ezhumalai and how he wanted to die, but God saved him in his darkest hours. It is through the joyous and grief-filled seasons, that we see how truly faithful and loving God is.

Join our 7-Day Prayer Guide here.

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