Jayalalitha’s Story

EAV, Leprosy

Abandoned as a child

When Jayalalitha was thirteen years old, everything changed. She noticed patches on her right leg, and thought it was a skin disease. But as the days passed, the patches did not disappear. Her parents took her to the village clinic and discovered that she had leprosy. Since she was so young, she didn’t understand the seriousness of the diagnosis. She was sent to a hospital where she remained for 18 months. 

No one visited her in the hospital

With tears in her eyes, Jayalalitha shared how she found out from someone else that her family disowned her. She couldn’t even imagine how her parents and brothers could forsake her. It broke her heart. 

Finding a new family 

She is now 53 years old and lives with her husband, Subramani, in one of the leprosy colonies in Chennai. She is always so happy to see us coming, and freely shares her heart with us. 

Jayalalitha still suffers from the effects of leprosy. The memories are still there from her past just as the wounds and disfigurements are still there on her hands and feet. However, because of the consistent care and relationship with the team, she not only experiences joy in her life but is also receiving care for her wounds. Healing is taking place emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The pandemic has greatly impacted her life because she can’t go out for anything. She was living on what she collected from begging and the rice that EAV provides. Now the rice and the medical supplies that we provide are the only assistance she receives. Yet Jayalalitha remains so grateful. It’s amazing to see the transformation that is taking place in her heart. To God be the glory!

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