How the pandemic is impacting education in the colonies

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Schooling Opportunities During the Pandemic

Dharun Raj is a quiet little boy in third grade who loves watching movies. He lives with his mom and dad, big brother, and little sister in a leprosy colony here in Tamil Nadu. Due to his family’s financial situation and the pandemic in India, our after-school tutoring program is the only access to education that Dharun and his siblings currently have.

His parents are day laborers and have recently struggled to put food on the table. Pair that with the COVID impact, and it’s a lot for any family to bear. But his mom and dad are comforted knowing that the Raj children are not only improving their academic performance through our tutoring service, but they are also receiving nutritious food every evening five days a week!


Pouring into the next generation

We love working with Dharun, and he really likes the Bible stories and songs that we teach every Friday. We’re grateful the Lord has entrusted us to tutor this next generation, and we are so thankful for the chance to speak into their lives.  

Our staff and teachers work hard to take care of the educational and spiritual needs of each child. Dharun Raj’s parents say they are “So thankful to Embrace a Village for providing all the necessary educational support for their children during this covid situation.”

We hope and pray that these young people become young men and women who love the Lord and seek to bring His name glory in their future endeavors.

Thanks for believing in this next generation with us. Through your generous support, you are making a difference in the lives of kids like Dharun and countless others. Thank you!