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Many times people with leprosy cannot travel due to various wounds or other effects of the disease. Leprosy often takes away their ability to work which prevents them from being able to pay for medical care. It also inhibits their ability to care for their families, or even to see hope in their situation.

This is a huge reason why our teams play an integral role in serving our patients and helping them see that there is hope for the future!

Embrace a Village was birthed from a place where the need was great and there was much hope to offer. And it didn’t take long for this passion for helping and loving people to spread and a team to form. 

We now have five teams of people who travel into the leprosy communities around the country. 

Our teams are dedicated to meeting needs and sharing the love of Jesus with as many colonies as possible. 

When these teams travel into a colony, they provide medical care – often cleaning wounds, giving medication, and accessing the medical needs of people. They also spend much of their time praying with people and leading Bible studies for those who wish to learn more. The mission is to share the all-encompassing hope that can only be found in a relationship with Jesus. They also provide counseling and tutoring for the children. 

Residents eagerly anticipate the arrival of our teams, particularly during the rainy season when muddy conditions can irritate their wounds and ulcers and lead to infections. We also supply patients with bandages and teach them how they can keep their wounds clean at home in between visits from our teams.

Meet Rajamani
Rajamani is 70 years old but has been suffering from leprosy since he was 20, and has lived in a colony for most of his life. He and his wife were living in a leprosy colony near Chennai and Rajamani was unable to go anywhere due to a big ulcer and his physical condition. The only medical attention he could receive was if someone were to come to him. After meeting one of our traveling teams, Rajamani was introduced to our hospice care in Coimbatore where he could get proper care and treatment for his ulcer. He is now living there with his sweet wife.

Once left to feel hopeless, those at our hospice center begin to find renewed purpose in life. It is here that many enter a personal relationship with Christ, allowing them to live their final years with peace and fulfillment.

We are so thankful for the men and women who are dedicated to the mission God gave to Embrace a Village and who continue to go into the communities so that we may help more people like Rajamani.

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