He was alone, but now knows his family in Christ!

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It is an honor to share stories from the men, women, and children we get to serve. Today we introduce you to Balu.

Balu, now a 45-year-old man living in our Hospice center, first contracted leprosy at the age of 22. An age that is usually so full of hope and exploration. Balu never married and was heartbroken to be separated from all of his friends and family because of leprosy.

He lived with his mother and father for some time because his friends abandoned him and he had no one else in his life. People would not associate with him, which is unfortunately so common for those who are suffering from this disease. When his parents died and he was alone and didn’t know what to do with his life.

During this time of extreme hopelessness, the team from Embrace a Village visited his village to help another leprosy patient. That is how we met Balu. His ulcer condition was very severe and he needed treatment and wanted to come to our hospice facility. He simply had no one else to care for him and our team was thankful to meet him when we did!

Today, he knows that it was God who sent the team there to rescue him in his time of desperate need. It was in our hospice he began to experience the love and care from the staff. Over the next few months, Balu not only experienced the love of Jesus through the care of our team but also began to learn about Christ through the daily small group interaction. We are so thrilled to share that Balu gave his life to Christ!

When Balu initially came to Embrace a Village, he was very sad and always kept to himself. Because of the love that he received from the staff and the other patients, he began to realize that God had brought him to this new and loving home. Balu has truly embraced his new home. Every day someone shares the love of Christ with him. He expresses to everyone that he is truly overwhelmed with joy to learn and understand how much he is loved by God and others in his life. He shares that he now has good friends and a big family with Embrace a Village but above all, he is so thankful and grateful to Embrace a Village for introducing him to Jesus Christ.

Balu now encourages others to read the Bible and pray every day. After coming to our hospice facility God has completely transformed his life. Please continue to pray for the complete healing of the ulcers in his leg and that he can continue to be a light of God’s love to others!

Our hospice center allows us to serve people like Balu, not only in his physical care but also to give him hope and a family. It is one of the greatest gifts in this life to see how God continues to transform lives! Please consider joining us as a partner so we may continue to see hope and love spread throughout the leprosy colonies and victims.

Embrace Hope with us Today!