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Have you scrolled social media and noticed the pain in the world?

It can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure how to help.

We can totally relate. That’s how it felt right before EAV began working 19 years ago. The need felt so pressing, so much bigger than us. And in all honesty, it is much bigger than us.


But here’s what we’ve discovered: in the pain, in the confusion, God is always there.

He’s here for you, right now, just like he was there for our friend Sasikumar, when he found out he had leprosy and had to move to a leperosy colony.

As you can imagine, Sasikumar was devastated by his diagnosis. He worried about facing his family and the village people because he knew they would reject him. His wife left him, his mother passed away, and he was all alone. He started begging to survive and remained on the streets for many years. He thought he was going to die.

But one day, another person with leprosy met him on the street and told him about Embrace a Village. He shared all about our Christian leprosy charity and introduced him to our team. Sasikumar joined our hospice care and shared he never felt such love and care in his life!

His chronic ulcers began to heal, and we started sharing about Jesus. A couple of months later, he was completely healed of his sores and went back to his village. He met his now wife, Pandiyamml, and they were married!

It’s a beautiful tension we live in feeling the weight of brokenness and watching God step in miraculously time and again. There’s really nothing like it, and we’re honored to be part of the journey.


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