Thank You For Choosing to Give.

Areas of our ministry need urgent attention.

Here’s how your gift could impact those living with leprosy

Feeding little hearts and minds through after school tutoring

When families are ostracized from society, it’s no surprise that a child’s education and their prospects for the future suffer. Without a good education, they often continue living in the colonies and wind up raising families of their own there. We hope that success in school will lead to better opportunities to integrate into mainstream society and break the cycle of poverty that can span generations.

God is moving in incredible ways

People with leprosy miss out on Biblical teachings and community because of the stigma. That’s why we offer a weekly opportunity for them to experience Christ’s love through Bible study and worship services. We’re also very happy to report that our house churches are thriving!

Our new medical van is reaching rural areas like never before

Patients living in remote villages often endure long commutes to access primary health care. It’s exhausting, and overwhelming, so many avoid seeking treatment altogether. That’s why we are so excited about our newly equipped medical van! Our staff now serves even more patients and provides free ulcer care along with custom-made footwear options to improve their quality of life.

Hunger is a real issue – here’s how we’re combating it

Food and nutritional education programs play a critical role. Children who are part of our after-school tutoring program receive the best, and possibly only meal of their day at our facility. We also offer a two-week supply of rice to families we serve to help supplement their monthly groceries.

The dollar goes a long way in India.

All donations go 100% to India and are tax-deductible.