December Newsletter: Stories of Hope and a Special Invitation!

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As we wrap up the year, we’re thrilled to share stories that exemplify the spirit of hope and resilience within our community. This December newsletter brings tales of transformation, the promise of a New Year Hope Devotional, and a special opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

New Year Hope Devotional: Embracing Promise in 2024!

Standing on the brink of a new year, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey with our upcoming devotion series: “New Year Hope.”  Keep an eye out for the free “New Years Hope” Devotional in your email.  Crafted to inspire resilience, deepen your connection with the Lord, and cultivate gratitude, these devotions will light your path in the days ahead. Join us in embracing the promise of hope in 2024! Let’s welcome the new year with hearts full of hope, peace, and love!

Anushka: Nurturing Dreams Amidst Adversity with Little Lights Program

In the heart of Thalaivasl leprosy colony, we find the inspiring story of Anushka, a resilient 10-year-old girl facing life’s challenges with unwavering determination. As a bright and curious 4th grader, Anushka’s journey unfolds within Embrace a Village’s transformative Little Lights Program.

The Little Lights Program was initiated with a singular mission: to empower children impacted by leprosy to not only navigate the academic landscape but also to discover the boundless joy of learning about God. An integral aspect of this program is the provision of a nutritious meal each day, ensuring that no child goes to bed hungry.

Anushka’s grandparents, victims of leprosy, and her parents, grappling with financial hardship, faced the shadow of societal stigma cast upon their family. In the midst of this adversity, the Little Lights Program emerged as the beacon of hope for Anushka and numerous other children in desperate need. More than just an educational initiative, this program is a sanctuary where students find joy in learning and experience a boost in their confidence within the classroom.

Despite the growing financial crisis and escalating prices, the Little Lights Program remains a steadfast support for families like Anushka’s, providing not only academic assistance but also creating a safe, nurturing, and spiritually enriching environment for these children.

Anushka is not only a bright student who delights in reading stories from her books but also harbors a deep love for the Bible stories shared by our dedicated teachers every week. Her parents, overwhelmed by gratitude, find solace in the quality education and nutritious meals provided by Embrace a Village – a lifeline for their child and many others in the village.

Join us in celebrating Anushka’s growth, resilience, and the profound impact of the Little Lights Program on the lives of children navigating the challenges of leprosy-affected communities. Your support helps us illuminate their path with the light of education, fostering a future filled with promise, regardless of the adversities they face. Together, let’s continue nurturing dreams and providing the tools for a brighter tomorrow.

Stories from 2023: A Beacon of Hope and Resilience

Jameson, currently in 11th grade, embodies hope and resilience. Nurtured within the Little Lights Program, he’s now an integral part of our after-school program, enriching the lives of children in his village. Facing adversity with unwavering faith, Jameson, along with his mother Gladis Martha, finds strength in community support and the rice and tuition fees provided by Embrace a Village. As he stands at the crossroads of his future, our career guidance program guides his steps toward a purposeful life.

Double the Impact: Your Donation Matched 100%!

During this End of Year Giving season, we invite you to join hands with Embrace a Village in making a lasting impact. A generous donor has pledged to match 100% of your donations – whether a single gift, a monthly commitment, or an annualized monthly upgrade. Your support will amplify the transformative work we do in the lives of individuals like Jameson and Anushka. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference.

Your support fuels stories of hope, resilience, and transformation. We appreciate your generosity more than words can express.

Wishing you a joyful and blessed holiday season and a Happy New Year!