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Happy Easter Weekend! – As we reflect on the love of God during this Easter season, we are reminded of the profound ways in which your support and prayers demonstrate His unwavering presence in the lives of those affected by leprosy. Just as Christ died on the Cross and rose again, bringing hope and redemption, your generosity and compassion bring light into the darkest corners of despair.

Today, we want to share a touching testimony of friendship and faith that embodies the transformative power of God’s love. Meet Ramesh and Jay, two individuals whose lives intersected in the most unexpected yet beautiful way within the hospice facility of Embrace a Village in Coimbatore.

Ramesh, with his kind eyes and gentle demeanor, found himself at the hospice after being abandoned by his family. Despite the hardships he faced, Ramesh turned to his faith for solace, spending his days immersed in the pages of the Bible. It was during this time he crossed paths with Jay, a man who had lost his sight due to the ravages of leprosy.

Despite his blindness, Jay’s spirit remains resilient, radiating warmth and positivity wherever he goes. Together, Ramesh and Jay embarked on a journey through the scriptures, finding comfort, strength, and friendship in each other’s company. Their shared struggles and triumphs became a beacon of light in the corridors of the hospice, inspiring others with their unwavering faith and indomitable spirit.

Through their daily Bible readings and discussions, Ramesh and Jay discovered that true beauty lies not in what the eyes behold but in the depths of the human heart. Their friendship transcended physical limitations, reminding us all that God’s love knows no bounds.

The hospice facility has become a home for many who know the pain of leprosy, where they not only receive love and care but also encounter the true God who brings healing and restoration to their lives.

As we celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior, let us also celebrate the resurrection of hope and joy in the hearts of Ramesh, Jay, and countless others whose lives have been touched by your generosity and prayers.

Thank you for being instruments of God’s love and for standing with us in our mission to bring light into the lives of those affected by leprosy.

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