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Incredible event at a hill station where many are
experiencing healing and hope for the first time! 

A hill station is a town located at a higher elevation than the nearby plain or valley – these are often very difficult to get to, and the residents end up isolated and without necessary care. 

Coonoor is a hill station in the southern state of India Tamilnadu. There are many people suffering from leprosy living in different hills and valleys of this hill station; they would have to travel many kilometers for any medical treatment. This simply isn’t feasible for most, as their wounds prevent them from walking long distances. 

Our team travels through the jungle at least once a month to visit these communities! We get to provide rice, bandages, and MCR shoes for their wounded feet. The community will gather together for our visits, and those who are unable to make it to the gathering will get a personal visit! Both the gathering and the individualized care allow us to build relationships with those we serve and share the hope found in Jesus. 

It is completely thanks to our new medical van and your support that we can even make these visits! We do not have the words to fully express how important and impactful our care is in these villages. As you know, people with leprosy are already stigmatized by society – living so far from medical care leaves them completely vulnerable and helpless against their disease. Many elderly patients from this hill station area have come to our hospice center for proper care and treatment.

Without care from EAV, it is tough to imagine what might happen to these precious people. No one is really willing or able to travel to the hill station to treat them. Your generosity provides for these visits and is saving lives! If you are not already, will you consider supporting these visits with a financial donation? 100% of your gift goes directly to the efforts in India.

Thank you for your heart to serve those forgotten and rejected by the rest of the world – we could not do this without you! Be sure to follow EAV on Instagram for updates and frequent stories! 

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