August Good News Update


Every tutoring session is one step closer to a brighter future.

When families are ostracized from society, it’s no surprise that a child’s education and their prospects for the future suffer. Without a good education, they often continue living in the colonies and wind up raising families of their own there. Our hope is that more success in school will lead to better opportunities to integrate into mainstream society.

Education offers a pathway out of poverty.

We provide after-school tutoring for two hours a day, five days a week that’s available to all children throughout the colonies and villages we serve. More than 170 students take advantage of our tutoring programs, where we work to help them improve their grades, their academic outlook, and their sense of self-worth. After all, God loves all his children equally – a powerful message for these particular children. We also provide daily nourishment in the form of a bible lesson and what is typically their best meal of the day. 

Have you seen This is Our Time?

It’s family-friendly and a great option for a Friday night in with your crew – and Embrace A Village is featured in it. You can watch it here or by clicking the image below. 

Here’s what Amazon viewers had to say:

“I watched this movie the other night, and I’m ready to watch it again. Laugh, cry, get angry, console. You’ll want to do it all.”

“A wonderful film about faith in different kinds of adversity. I would recommend it to anyone.”

We hope you and your family enjoy the movie!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can partner with Embrace a Village, click here. Discover how $25/month can make a huge impact in someone’s life!