At the age of 65, Mottayan was given a second chance at an abundant life!

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Your support provides life-changing care to the villages! 

The Embrace a Village team first met Mottayan in one of the remote villages of the Salem district in Tamilnadu. About a year ago, we learned that there was one man in desperate need of medical care and was at the point of immobility. Before leprosy, Mottayan worked daily at a local farm, providing for himself and his wife. As we see far too often, he was rejected by most of the people in his life following his diagnosis. Thankfully, his wife stayed with him. As soon as we discovered his situation, we were able to send our medical van to him and provide vital treatment for his ulcers.

At the age of 65, Mottayan was given a second chance at an abundant life! Through ongoing care and frequent visits from our team, he regained his ability to walk! We also provided him with custom shoes to help prevent any more wounds or sores from forming on his feet. It is always amazing to see how one pair of shoes can genuinely improve the quality of life for those we serve.

Mottayan is continually thanking the team for helping him regain his ability to walk and perform daily tasks independently. We have also invited him to come to stay at our hospice center so that his ulcers have the time needed to heal fully. Mottayan and his wife say they have never received such care and love from anyone else, but for us – it is simply an honor to bring hope to another family in need. 

Your generosity allows this work and care to continue throughout India! Thank you for putting your faith and support in God’s mission within Embrace a Village. We look forward to all the stories of hope restored that are still to come!