An invitation to support a family like Subbamma’s.

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She needed help, and EAV showed up. 

We get to meet some incredible people through our ministry in India. Our friend Subbamma has been an honor to know and serve. 

Subbamma, 56 years old, is a beautifully joyful woman living with her daughter in Thiruvalur district of Tamilnadu. She and her husband were a part of our feeding and medical program and received several benefits from EAV for nearly 18 years. Our relationship with this family runs deep!

A few years back, her husband tragically passed away. Subbamma was devastated and worried. She didn’t know what to do next as her husband supported their family, and now she was alone to care for the kids and herself. She needed bandages and MCR shoes for her ulcer-affected foot. Most of us can likely relate to her fear at this moment. 

Thankfully, the Embrace a Village team was there and stood with her. We have been able to not only provide rice and bandages, but we were able to strengthen her emotionally and pray with her regularly. This was impactful for Subbamma because most others were not there for her family, but EAV was, thanks to your generosity. Together, we supported her and encouraged her. 

Subbamma says she will never forget what Embrace a Village continues to do for her and the children. We are thankful to see the joy back on her face! This is not just another story, but this is what God has called us to do and we are simply here to answer that call. 

There are too many families who find themselves in situations like Subbamma’s. We get to meet not only physical needs but also meet people in their hardships. We stand as the support they may not know otherwise. Will you consider giving a special gift this holiday season? The dollar amount you might spend on a meal for your family could go so far in serving the people of India who have no one else. Do you know a 10kg bag of rice for a family of four costs $10 to provide? Can you help us reach even more families with some extra holiday support?!

If you feel led to answer this special ask, you can donate here and 100% of that donation will go directly to transforming lives within the villages. Thank you for being a part of this mission and for supporting EAV in so many ways.