A small act can bring great impact

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Turning a life of survival into a life with purpose!

Prior to his leprosy diagnosis at the age of 45, Subramani and his wife were farmers. They were able to provide for themselves and their daughter. Unfortunately, leprosy eventually kept him from being able to work, and the simple act of survival became a challenge for his family.

There were no options for care in their village, so Subramani had to walk a long distance to visit a clinic. 

A few years later, his wife passed away, and Subramani was left alone in his small hut. His physical condition deteriorated to the point he couldn’t walk the long distance for any care. Subramani believed he was at the end of his life.

During this time, an Embrace a Village team met Subramani during one of our regular medical visits in another village. His physical condition was critical, but our team covered him in prayer and cared for the ulcers. Slowly we got to see his condition improve!

With our new medical van, we can now visit his village and provide all the necessary treatment for him and others in the village! Subramani is now 58 years old and has a completely new outlook on life. On a recent visit to his village, we were able to give him a new pair of shoes and his excitement was evident!

Without care from EAV, it is tough to imagine where Subramani might be in his life. There are so few people willing to love and care for those who have been completely cast out by society. 

Generous giving and support from people like you allow us to bring hope, care, and compassion into the villages!

We pray this story blesses and encourages you. Your gifts truly make an impact here in India, and we simply could not do this work without you! Thank you.