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We are a team of 50+ devoted workers, in 35 villages, dedicated to bringing Jesus Christ’s message of hope and healing to the lives of over 3,500 people weekly.

Every Week

Our team provides small group ministries, medical care for leprosy patients, and care for the children of parents afflicted with leprosy.

Every Month

Rice is distributed and custom footwear is provided for leprosy patients to prevent further infection and trauma.


Team EAV – USA provides prayer, encouragement, administrative & financial support for the accomplishment of this great mission.





Regular Church Attendees
Self-Care Packets Distributed/Month
lbs Of Rice Given/Month
Children In Educational Programs

Partner With Us

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100% of funds serve those affected by leprosy in India


What’s In An Image?

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Spiritual – The stigma associated with leprosy often prevents those affected by leprosy from receiving consistent Bible teachings
Educational – It is our hope that educational assistance will give children affected by leprosy more career opportunities.
Medical – Receiving treatment within the colonies or at our hospice center allows the people we serve to enjoy a higher standard of living.
Nutritional – Nutritional programs help provide additional bodily care to residents in the areas we serve.

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