Our team in the United States, including Joe and Pat Clendenny, as well as Jack and Sandy Kennedy coordinate the financial and prayer support that is necessary to carry out the mission of Embrace a Village.The US team makes regular trips to India every year, at their own expense, to maintain active participation in the vision of EAV. The US team helps the local team in India properly allocate all donations for maximum impact.

Our team in India is comprised of an incredible network of individuals, led by Anil and Rose Kumar, who founded the National Leprosy Relief Work organization. With over 50 dedicated individuals, the relief work performed by the team in India is nothing short of miraculous. Helping hands are offered to those who have none. A new way of life is shown to those who have only been shown the way out of sight. And, hope for everlasting peace is made available through the teaching of God’s word.


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