These are the goals we’ve outlined to support our mission statement.

  • Our main objective in the USA is to continue to raise financial provision to support and expand our programs in India. 100% of donations go to support the colonies. As God has continued to bless our ministry the need for financial provision continues to expand.
  • Our vision is to continue our established work in Tamil Nadu while also working to serve those with leprosy throughout India.

This work includes:

  1. Raising Standard of Living – Annually to provide for:
    1. After school tutoring for over 200 children and growing $36,000 ($10/mo/child)
    2. Hospice/Critical care for the elderly $100,000 ($2,500/yr/patient)
    3. Weekly medical services including doctor’s visits and transportation to hospitals. $30,000
    4. Specialty footwear for leprosy victims. $10,000
    5. Nutritional support including a food pantry, training, and food programs $ 60,000
    6. Social services such as counseling, transportation, aid with local government agencies $5000
    7. Emergency needs such as surgeries, housing, food, etc. $30,000
  2. Ministry:
    1. Building community groups in each village with weekly church services, and Bible studies led by Embrace A Vilage staff. $55,000