As a business man, Joe Clendenny, and his wife, Pat, felt a great burden to do ‘something’ to help the hurting world they had become accustomed to seeing in their travels. While on a relief mission to India, Joe made an unexpected stop in Chennai that would change everything….forever!

While there, he visited several ‘leprosy colonies’ and was overcome with an intense feeling that this dreadful disease…these beautiful but afflicted people… This was his ‘something’!

Joe met with Anil and Rosaline Kumar, missionaries who had already initiated the Chennai Leprosy Relief Work in 2001. It was truly a match made in heaven. Joe and Pat, with the help of their new friends, founded Embrace A Village (EAV).

EAV received its 501 C 3 non-profit organization status in 2004 and, for the last 10 years, 100% of Embrace A Village funding has gone to the leprosy relief projects in India.

Today, EAV has a team of 50 devoted workers, providing both spiritual and humanitarian services, in 35 villages, touching the lives of almost 3,500 people weekly. This is our ‘Something’…This is Our Time!

In the above photo header from left to right: Anil and Rose Kumar, Jack and Sandy Kennedy, Pat and Joe Clendenny.