Due to the isolation of the villages as well as the limited mobility of many of the individuals, ulcer and wound care for leprosy victims is difficult to obtain without the ability to leave or see a doctor. Having the proper medicines and equipment on hand is also an issue. Plantar wounds and ulcers on the foot are common ailments and require constant attention. Embrace A Village’s medical teams make visits to the colonies weekly to deliver necessary items and provide medical care. Our medical teams assist in making formal doctors or clinic appointments when necessary and arrange transportation to and from these appointments.

In addition to providing care through cleaning wounds, medication, and re-bandaging, the Embrace A Village Team spends equal time working to prevent further ulcers and promote healing. These efforts include education and awareness, home bandage kits and routine inspection of hands, feet eyes and surface skin. All cuts and abrasions are treated accordingly to prevent further infection. Our medical teams serve in over 25 of the villages today.


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