Every week, these devoted young men & women bring The Good News of God’s great love to numerous leprosy colonies in the State of Tamil Nadu.

Every week, through small group ministry, including weekly Bible Study and Praise & Worship Services, our Church Planters encourage colony residents to experience the personal touch of Jesus Christ’s unfailing love for them.

Every week,our team in India provides medical care for all leprosy patients. They treat wounds & infections. They make arrangements & financial provision for surgeries.They provide 24/7 hospice care for leprosy victims who are no longer able to care for themselves.

Every week, Monday through Friday, the children of leprosy victims are provided after school tutoring & bible study training through ‘The Little Lights Program’. These children, kindergarten thru high school, are given nutritious dinners & the opportunity to be the hope & future of India.

Every month, rice is distributed in every colony EAV serves.Custom footwear is also provided for leprosy patients to prevent further infection and trauma.

In addition to all of this, Team EAV – USA provides prayer, encouragement, administrative & financial support for the accomplishment of this great mission.