Planning and conducting a fundraiser for Embrace A Village operations would be a tremendous way for you to make an impact on the lives of the victims of leprosy. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by our team.

EAV is a 501(c)(3) charitable entity and 100% of any funds donated by private individuals or from a formal fundraising effort is tax deductible. Donations may be directed or restricted to any of our on-going projects such as medical, specialized shoes, children’s services, hospices, church planting or even a capital campaign for a much needed vehicle, medical vehicle or a building.

Fundraising efforts may be organized on a local, national or global level. These may be special events such as trivia nights, raffles, charity auction, benefit concerts, walkathons, bake sales, and the like. These events are useful to increase visibility of the need and can feature speakers, entertainment and other ideas to encourage participation and giving.

EAV will strive to help you in any way we can by providing information, insights and testimonies from the ministry to support your fundraising efforts. We are able to acknowledge tax deductible donations with proper receipting.

Feedback as to the use of gifts received and progress on any restricted project donation is available. We want to demonstrate accountability by showing your donors the wonderful impact of your fundraising efforts. Any donor information acquired as a result of fundraising efforts will remain private and not shared outside EAV.

We welcome partnering with you and are blessed to know that you have been touched by this need and the services provided to a group of people who truly has been left behind and without the opportunities most people enjoy.

Please read the fundraising standards below and contact us to take the next step to helping EAV leprosy victims. Thank you!

Fundraising Standards

1) All project and event fundraisers must be submitted to and approved by EAV.
2) Any EAV name or logo usage must be preapproved by EAV.
3) Drafts of fliers, invitations, banners, t‐shirts, etc. with EAV’s name or logo must be preapproved.
4) All projects must state EAV is the “beneficiary”, not the “sponsor”.
5) EAV adheres to a high moral conduct and requests all fundraising coordinators and teams to exhibit the same high morals.
6) All projects must meet all ordinances and laws set forth by the city, state and federal government.
7) Embrace A Village does not assume responsibility or liability for accidents or losses during the event or project.