Our greatest joy has been seeing the expansion of our services over the last ten years. In 2003, we were able to provide support for five colonies. Today, we are serving in more than 40 colonies throughout Tamil Nadu, with a vision to expand Jesus’ message of hope and healing across all of India. We are truly thankful for how God has blessed this work and the people involved, both those in service and those receiving care.

Much of this growth is due to the loving hearts of our Embrace A Village team. In fact some of our staff have grown up in colonies themselves. Each day, they work long hours providing medical services, foot care, rice and hygiene information, day care, after school tutoring, a children’s hostel, a hospice center for the elderly, a dairy, and spiritual services to the residents of the colonies. Their heart and love for God and their fellow man is inspirational

Through after school tutoring, school grades of many of the children are improving. Through better education they have a more realistic hope for a better life and future.

We see successes in every colony. In one case, a well was desperately needed to combat the effects of a long-term severe drought. However, the rock layers in the area were so thick that it seemed impossible to dig a well, and the plan for one was abandoned. In closing out the digging efforts with prayer, the drilling team was overcome with conviction and with renewed energy and wanted to try one more time. As God’s provision would have it, they hit water very quickly!

People in the leprosy colonies are very receptive to the services of Embrace A Village and to hearing our message of hope and healing. Victims of leprosy live broken lives – yet they maintain hope for their children, for a more secure future, and for dignity.

Our services help make hope a reality. Most importantly, the spiritual comfort brought through God’s Word brings acceptance, joy and healing to their lives. Many have come to know God’s love for them and that He has an eternal promise for each person. God is making a difference!