The following is a post from writer and director of “This Is Our Time”, Lisa Arnold.

When I sat down to write THIS IS OUR TIME, I was at a crossroad in my journey. One door had just closed shut and I did not see any open doors around me, nor did I want to look. I knew without a doubt what God was calling me to be but couldn’t get those in leadership to see it for me, so I was left to walk this path alone. You are right if you think fear gripped me. It did and the voice of the enemy was there, saying …”you will never make it.” Something inside of me refused to give up though and I stepped out in faith to see where it would lead me. Ten days later I had completed the first draft of THIS IS OUR TIME. It was a total downpour from God and I could barely keep up. The words filled page after page and soon, the story was complete. I gathered a few friends for a table read and as we all wept over the reading I knew God was going to use this story in a great way.

I immediately sent the script to Joe Clendenny from Embrace a Village because I wanted to include their ministry in the movie. I had met Joe and Jack Kennedy two years prior and over a lunch, I listened to their incredible stories of the work they were doing with the leprosy victims in India. I remembered every detail of that meeting. It was one of those times in life where you realize that it was a divine encounter from God himself and I didn’t know when or how, but I knew one day I wanted to help them tell their story.

Joe and his wife Pat loved the script and the idea of having Embrace A Village in the film, and within 30 days we had funding and distribution for the movie. Can I just say that this never happens? God had a timeline and for once it seemed He was waiting on us, not the other way around. Joe, Pat and I took off for India where I met the amazing team of Embrace A Village. We went to several leprosy colonies scouting for the movie and that also allowed me to see first hand the work that they were doing. We visited the Hospice Home, the medical outreaches, the afterschool program and the Little Lights Home where the children live. It was life changing to say the least. As I got to know the leprosy victims I realized that they truly are the forgotten people that the Bible talks about. My heart went out to them. They are shunned by society, denied work and live in humble leprosy colonies away from everyone. No one wants to touch them, to talk to them, or have any contact with them at all. Can you imagine?

When I returned I had many rewrites to do on the script now that I had actually experienced being there. Two months later we began filming This Is Our Time. God’s presence was with us every day. It was such an incredible feeling and He richly blessed us with great success while filming. We wrapped in Los Angeles twelve days later, took a week off and then headed to Chennai, India.

It was a whirlwind filming in India. It took us two days just to get there and we only had three and a half days to shoot our scenes in and around Chennai. Our actors and crew were troopers and with the help of Embrace A Village, we got it done! I know those precious days will forever impact all of us. We shot most of the scenes in an actual leprosy colony and those people were so kind to us. The Little Lights children joined us on set and my heart aches to see them again daily! They were amazing, loving, intelligent and so talented. They will be world changers in India soon thanks to Embrace A Village. It is my hope that this film will give a global platform and voice to Embrace A Village and the work that they are doing. They are, in every sense, being the hands and feet of God and their love for the leprosy victims is so profound.

I tell you this story to help you see that God always has a plan and purpose. If that door had not been closed for me, I would not have written THIS IS OUR TIME when God needed me to and you would not be here being challenged to take a hard look at what God is calling you to be! You are a part of this big GOD moment and movement! So go, seek Him and be the World Changer He is calling you to be.

In closing, I thank you for your continued prayers and support, which enables us to reach out and serve those who are unable to care for themselves. Please know that 100% of your gifts go directly to support the leprosy victims and their families.


Lisa Arnold
This Is Our Time Writer and Director

Fifty percent of all proceeds from THIS IS OUR TIME will go directly to Embrace A Village ministries.