From Near Death to Abundant Life

When Joe Clendenny met Jayachandran in April of 2013, he was in such a weak state that it seemed as if the leprosy, lack of medical care, isolation and neglect would not allow him to survive for very long. Out of love and compassion, our team drove Jayachandran several hours to get to the EAV Hospice where he could most comfortably live out his remaining days on earth.

Once at the EAV Hospice, however, Jayachandran received encouragement to pursue life within the EAV community. He reluctantly accepted the challenge and as a result, the seemingly inevitable amputations became unnecessary and strength returned to him!

What he initially perceived as a “prison to get out of” (i.e. the hospice) quickly became the place where his new family resides. Jayachandran not only desires to stay now, but he also travels from colony to colony sharing his testimony of God’s healing. He loves to praise and worship God!

Visit our Facebook Page to view a video of Jayachandran sharing his testimony of God’s healing as well as a video of community group worship to more fully understand the incredible transformation Jayachandran has undergone. God is truly at work in these colonies!